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DX 10 & 15 10kW and 15kW Digital Solid State AM Transmitters

No matter how demanding your broadcast needs, the Harris DX 10 and DX 15 will keep you on the air. Hundreds of broadcasters have benefited from the superior performance and reliability provided by Harris-patented digital amplitude modulation. According to our cus-tomers, DX transmitters provide unsurpassed audio performance, improved coverage, simple operation, the lowest cost of operation,
and the highest reliability of any medium wave transmitter.Features/Benefits
Digital: Harris DX transmitters have Direct Digital Synthesis of the RF envelope using true digital modulation, not PDM.Reliable: Harris DX transmitters have set a new standard for RF amplifier reliability and ruggedness. The RF modules run excep-tionally cool. Simple: Harris DX transmitters are simple to operate and main-tain. 

Each system uses standard off-the-shelf components. Com-ponents are easily accessible and field repairable.Efficient: Harris DX transmitters are proven to yield typical effi-ciency of over 83%, resulting in the industry’s lowest power cost.

Rugged: Harris DX transmitters use a patented lightning protec-tion system that virtually eliminates failures. Built-in surge protec-tion is standard on all AC mains lines and internal power supplies.

Redundant: Harris DX transmitters use redundant circuit designs in critical areas. Soft failure and FLEXPatch™ reassignment ensure uninterrupted broadcasting without significant degradation inperformance. 

Broadband interchangeable RF amplifiermodules simplify maintenance.
Future Compatibility: Harris DX transmitters ensurefuture digital broadcast compatibility with highpeak-to-average power capability, exceptional  audio bandwidth, and virtually no audio-to-RF group delay variation. Harris DX
transmitters have been used for IBOC field tests.

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