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Air-Cooled FM Transmitter for Worldwide Analog and Digital Standards Up to 20 kW

The Harris® Flexiva™ FM solid-state transmitter provides today’s broadcaster with a transmitter platform capable of analog and digital operation. Incorporating field proven Harris technology, the Flexiva family of products provides world-class performance, reliability and quality.Built on decades of successful Harris FM transmitter products, Flexiva combines innovative, new Quad-mode RF amplification and software-defined exciter technology to take FM transmission to the next level.
Harris PowerSmart® technology is featured in the Flexiva transmitter architecture, providing unmatched efficiency that makes it ideal for all FM applications. New 50-volt LDMOS device technology delivers a dramatic increase in power density, lower operating costs and reduced cost of ownership over the life of the transmitter.
  Best-in-class power efficiency — lowest operating costs
  Extremely high power density — compact, lightweight, space-saving design
  Latest state-of-the-art LDMOS-FET power amplifer technology
  Quad-mode operation; FM, FM + HD Radio, HD Radio™ only or DRM+
  Fully broadband modules 88–108 MHz — requires no tuning or adjustments
  1:1 power amplifier (PA) module to power supply (PS) redundancy
  Hot-pluggable RF amplifier modules and auto-ranging power supplies
  Proportional VSWR foldback for safe operation at reduced power into marginal loads (icy antenna, etc.)
  Automatic restart after AC mains interruption; returns to previous 
operational mode
  SNMP Web-based browser monitoring and control
  In-depth diagnostics via an easy-to-use front panel controlld-Class Value.

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