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High-Power Tube Transmitter for Analog FM and HD Radio™

Introducing Harris® HPX™ — the next generation in high-power tube transmission for FM analog and HD Radio™ broadcasting. This amazing transmitter offers power and efficiency at an extremely attractive price point. Powerful, Simple and Rugged Depending on mode and power level, the Harris HPX transmitter achieves market-leading power levels up to 42 kW analog FM, utilizing either the 4CX20,000 or 4CX25,000 series rugged Radial Beam Power Tetrode tube.

Additionally, systems can be combined into a dual unit for redundancy and power levels up to 84 kW analog FM. Unlike high-power solid-state transmitters, the HPX series can safely operate at higher power levels with elevated VSWR. Outstanding Value In terms of dollars-per-watt, the HPX tube-based transmitter outperforms all solid-state transmitters in the same class. Operators realize a savings of nearly 25 percent in cost of ownership over the lifetime of the transmitter. This includes regular tube replacement.

Unparalleled Control and Diagnostics The HPX incorporates the most advanced transmitter control system available. The basic controller option provides critical life support control, automatic exciter switching and fault diagnostic function without reliance on a microprocessor. The enhanced transmitte control unit option combines the basic controller functionality with microprocessor and ¼ VGA touch-screen graphical user interface (GU for increased control and diagnostics, including TCP/IP connectivity Web remote control/monitoring and SNMP communications.

A singl controller is capable of operating two transmitters and the combine in dual combined or redundant backup modes. A simple paralle user interface connects to today’s most popular remote transmitte control systems.

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