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Maxiva™ UAXAir-Cooled UHF Multimedia TV Transmitter

PowerSmart technology, for best-in-class power efficiency and lowest operating costs 
Rugged, reliable design and construction 
Digital and analog power levels up to 2.5 kW and 3.75 kW, respectively (before filter) 
Apex M2X exciter technology, allowing easy migration from analog to digital or between different standards 
Real-Time Adaptive Correction (RTAC™) technology is included with every system 
Fully broadband power amplifier (PA) modules — 470 to 862 MHz 
1:1 PA module to power supply (PS) redundancy 
Hot-pluggable air-cooled linear RF amplifier modules and power supplies for simplified maintenance  
Optional Transmitter Control Unit for straightforward control, monitoring and diagnostics 
Web-enabled remote graphical user interface (GUI)
The Maxiva™ UAX air-cooled UHF solid-state transmitter incorporates Harris® 
PowerSmart® and Apex M2X™ multimedia exciter technologies to provide today’s 
broadcaster unmatched performance, reliability and quality. Designed with future 
broadcasting needs in mind, the Maxiva UAX transmitter is a single transmitter 
platform capable of DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ATSC, ATSC Mobile DTV, ISDB-Tb, CMMB, CTTB, FLO™ or other digital standards.
For pre-filter power output requirements up to 2.5 kW COFDM, 2.5kW 8VSB, and 3.75 kW analog, the Maxiva UAX transmitter is capable of serving broadcasters 
needs for efficient, easy to maintain transmitter systems.  The UAX utilizes the Har-
ris platform technologies such as the Apex M2X multimedia exciter, PowerSmart 
technology and 50v LDMOS amplifier devices. This powerful blend provides best-
in-class performance with respect to transmitter RF performance, efficiency, size, 
and upgradeability.

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